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14 Top-Ranked Apps for Homeowners

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Homeowner Apps

Your Smartphone is a useful resource for improving your life as a homeowner. With apps developed to store grocery lists, add home security, and even serve as a “mobile handyman”, these tools are not only helpful but accessible. These apps, compatible with Apple® and/or Android ™ devices, are available to download from the App Store® and/or Google Play™ store.

With so many options out there, the question remains: which ones should you choose? Here is a list of apps experts have placed in top spots for various household needs.

Homeowner Apps: Stow and Go


This award-winning app is a must for getting the most out of your appliances. Once you unbox an appliance, the user manual and directions tend to get lost. This is where Centriq saves the day. Snap a picture of a product label or the nameplate and this app automatically uploads the appliance’s warranties and manuals. It doesn’t just help you to save the time and energy spent trying to find these important documents. It also gives you important information about the types of replacement parts, offers how-to videos for fixing, and alerts you about product recalls.

Simple Grocery List

With this app, you can avoid returning home from the grocery store and discovering you forgot soda crackers. This free app is the mobile equivalent of an actual shopping list, only you can now digitally keep track and store needed items in one place. This app keeps track of frequently used items so you can easily add them to your list. It even includes check boxes for you to check off as you go. Other convenient features include the ability to rearrange certain items, email lists straight from your device, and sync list between iOS devices. Oh, and it also comes with an additional bonus – saving paper.

Billminder 4

Keeping track of the many bills with that come with homeownership can be overwhelming. Not to mention, if you fall behind on your insurance, electricity, gas, or other utility bills you get a nice financial penalty. Billminder offers the convenience of sorting your bills by their due date. Once the due date is approaching the app will send you an alert. Other features include email backup and restore, customizable bill categorization, offline availability, and data syncing across iOS devices using your Billminder account.


Gone are the days where you can put off those mundane, homeowner tasks because you “forgot.” HomeZada holds you accountable by offering numerous ways to track daily tasks for keeping up with your home. From mortgage to property taxes, maintenance deadlines like changing out your AC filter to renovation projects, this app sends routine reminders until you actually complete the task. Plus, this app comes with an added bonus feature of tracking your spending on home projects and comparing costs.

Homeowner Apps: Tackling Tasks

Task Rabbit

Some tasks, like mounting a television, might seem feasible enough to save a buck and do-it-yourself. That is until you’re staring at a giant hole in your wall instead of your favorite sports team. Task Rabbit grants you quick help by pairing you with nearly 50,000 carefully vetted handymen. From moving and packing, furniture assembly, home improvement, mounting and installation, yard work, and general handyman needs, this app pairs you with an expert based on your needs.


Move over Pinterest, because BrightNest has raised the bar. This app provides how-to advice from maintenance experts. From removing toilet bowl rust stains to gutter cleaning, eco-friendly living, and healthy cooking, this app runs the gamut of tips and tricks of how to do your task best. You can also flag your favorites and create a schedule for performing certain tasks.

Happy Plant

This handy app helps plant the seed when it comes to watering your yard. Happy Plant is your simple app for creating a watering schedule by sending notifications to your phone. It even brings out the fun in this somewhat daunting task, especially during the dead heat of the summer months. It tracks your watering progress with colorful symbols and encourages you to take plant selfies. As a unique, bonus feature, it monitors your plants’ growth by turning your photographs into a time-lapse video.


Created by the lawn-care gurus at John Deere, MowerPlus is a convenient tool that doesn’t take up space in your garage. Use this app to keep up with the vital frequency and patterning of lawn mowing. Simply use the equipment tap in the app to sync with your John Deere device for an even healthier lawn. Useful features include a tracker of your mowing history, a prompt to let you know it’s time to fire up the ol’ mower, and reminders for specific types of lawn care including fertilizing or seeding.

Homeowner Apps: Improve Interior Design


Known as the number one app for interior and exterior design, Houzz delivers a well of inspiration at your fingertips. This app could be considered a photo database and community site for home-design enthusiasts. From professional to amateur, you can find nearly 60,000 high-quality photos for room-to-room home décor ideas. The major aspect of the appeal of this app is the ideabooks. These are described as the online version of cutting pages out of design magazines. This app even supplies a database of professional decorators in and around your area.

ColorSnap® Visualizer

Designed by the paint experts at Sherwin-Williams®, ColorSnap visualizer matches you with the best shade based on your colorful needs. Simply take and upload a photo of a colorful inspiration, from a pink rose to an emerald-green landscape. The app will then pinpoint the color of your image and tell you the best match of Sherwin-Williams paint colors. You can also snap a quick photo of any room in your home, and the app will provide a visual of what each wall would look like painted in various shades.

Photo Measures

With Photo Measures, you no longer need to turn your wall into Swiss cheese when attempting to mount an unfit accessory to a wall in your room. All you have to do is take a few photos and provide the dimensions of the room. If you need to know if a new piece of furniture will fit correctly, take a photo and provide the dimensions.

Homeowner Apps: Safety and Security®

Trusted by more than 5 million homeowners and counting, is recognized as one of the best remote automation apps on the market. By connecting to your existing home security system, this free app allows you to remotely protect your home through your phone. This includes the capacity to control your system by arming and disarming, checking system status, locking and unlocking doors and watching live video feeds of your home. You can also adjust your thermostat and turn off lights remotely.


Although most would be wary to store any of their important information online, 1Password is changing the game. This app securely protects and stores important passcodes such as your banking account, social media platforms, email and other apps. Use a master password to access your running list of countless passcodes containing numbers, symbols, and various capitalization. The app also judges the strength of your passwords, and lets you know immediately if any of your accounts have been compromised.


Vimtag provides a state-of-the-art tech tool providing mobile, real-time video surveillance software. This app connects with Vimtag’s camera system so you can view your home activity while on the go. What makes this app stand apart from others is its “SOS” feature. Think of it like the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” commercials. If someone living in your home hits a separate emergency button linked to your system, you can use the app to quickly respond visually or vocally through the camera.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the hundreds of thousands of apps out there created to give you a leg up in life. A few quick web searches can point you towards many more. We just chose our favorites.

Do you have any current go-to apps that were left off this list? We would love to hear from you! Feel free to leave your feedback in the comment section below. 

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