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2017 Interior Design Predictions

posted by Marissa January 18, 2017 0 comments

The year 2017 is here, and with the new year comes new trends and ideas for updating your home.  Whether you want to explore new color choices, or make overall style changes, there are many opportunities for a new look and fresh start to the year. Not sure where to start? From mixed patterns and textures to artisan furniture, here is a list of interior design items that are predicted to be most popular this year.


Perhaps the easiest and most cost effective update you can make to your home is by painting. Pantone’s 2017 color of the year is “Greenery.” This is a fun, bright green that will certainly make any room pop. Not ready to commit to an entire room full of bright green? Try panting just an accent wall for a fun and easy way to add a bit of color. Or consider add accents of the color in the form of small décor, such as throws, pillows and accessories.

Mixed Patterns & Textures

Afraid your home might be “too busy?” Designers might argue those rules are out the window this year. If you’re not sure about mixing patterns and textures in your own home, add texture and patterns. Focus on the form of smaller, less commitment-heavy items, such as pillows, small rugs and throws. Go shopping in your own home and try mixing and matching throw pillows for a fun look for your couch. Afraid your leopard throw will clash with your bright green pillows? This year seems to be the year when rules go out the window, so give it a whirl.

Faux Finishes

Let’s talk “faux finishes” in terms of design elements such as flooring and counter tops. Faux finished materials are often better for many reasons. For starters, they are engineered to withstand wear and tear that natural materials might succumb to over time. Afraid you won’t be able to maintain that expensive (and arguably fickle) Carrara marble for the long haul? You might consider engineered quartz. This has a very similar look and can better withstand heat and acidic food and drink spills than marble. Afraid your busy household will destroy oftentimes delicate laminate or even hardwood floors? Take a look at wood-finished tile, which can be installed closely together for a truly wood flooring look. The tile can withstand the daily scratches from furniture, pets and shoes while giving the look and feel of wood floors. Truly a win/win!


Perhaps to many people’s delight, the DIY heyday seems to be simmering a bit and a redirection toward artisanal items seems to be growing. With the rise of Etsy shops, artisans are easily able to sell their hand-blown glassware, custom woodworking and handspun pottery to customers worldwide. Leaving the art to the experts allows consumers to source and decorate with truly one-of-a-kind pieces, giving your home that “collected over time” feel. Even mass produced furniture is getting a run for its money as handmade furniture makers and markets continue to pop up to feed the demand.

Small Living

You might not be interested in relocating to a tiny house, but there’s definitely a trend in minimalistic design and more efficient living, with everything from retractable kitchens to foldaway furniture. If you’ve ever considered downsizing, you might be surprised at how much living you can truly accomplish in less square feet. Furniture and even appliances have truly come a long way in helping people live within smaller quarters.

What design trends do you plan on incorporating in your home this year? Are you feeling a complete home refresh or are you in the camp of less is more? We’d love to hear.

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