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3 Easy Solutions for Tackling Kid’s Room Storage

posted by Hannah January 30, 2018 0 comments

For most parents, keeping up with the chaotic mess of your kid’s bedroom is anything but child’s play. You turn your back for a second, and your child’s managed to create a mess resembling the aftermath of a destructive, drawer-dumping tornado. And, we get it. Some messes are inevitable when it comes to raising children. With the ever-growing stack of daily tasks, often a clean room means shoving items in out of sight locations. That is until this quick-fix has become storage chaos.

Luckily, with a few simple updates, you can create a clutter-free kids space to help you stress the mess less.

Monster Storage Space Under the Bed

Finding space for storing your kid’s collections of toys, clothes and various other items that come with having children can be cumbersome — to say the least.

Luckily, most of your standard bedroom furniture items come with a built-in added bonus of underutilized storage space. Consider using the space under the bed for storage. You can purchase a bed with built-in storage at most major retail furniture stores.

Or, invest in a few storage bins that can comfortably fit under your child’s bed. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, consider adding wheels to the bottom of the bins for easy access.

For bedrooms accommodating more than one kiddo, bunk beds are always a fan-favorite for freeing up space. Or, instead of investing in new furniture, get creative with a new layout that utilizes smart spacing. Check out this design by award-winning interior and furniture designer Patricia Davis Brown, featured on HGTV’s website.

There is also the option of a do-it-yourself loft bed. These functional pieces feature a similar design to the bunk bed, just minus the bottom bunk. Accessible most often by stairs or ladder, these easy to assemble accessories often add enough bedroom space for more than just storage.

Crouching Child Hidden Storage

Storage for more than one purpose is a great component for tackling an unorganized space. And the best part is they are pretty easy to find and are easily re-purposed for a large portion of other rooms in your home.

A regular table with drawers easily transforms into the perfect utilized surface space. Use the drawers to store toys, books, and other kid-friendly items and you’ve not got the perfect play table for your kiddo.

When it comes to seating furniture, look for ones that offer extra storage. These pint-sized piece come in handy for hiding storage thanks to a hidden compartment under the seat. Or, you can create your own storage drawers using the extra space between the legs of the chair.

A window seat is another investment-worthy piece for clutter control. Not only do they take up the awkward space under a window, but they also offer seating and storage options.

Add the Rods, Spoil the Closet

Often, a child’s closet is a direct representation of the phrase “out of sight out of mind.” Thanks to the chaos known as life, its purpose can eventually serve as a harbor for shoved clutter, dust bunnies and a lot of dead space.

You can easily double the storage capacity of a closet by simply adding another clothing rod. Don’t be afraid to add your own extra shelving. Organize closeted items by labeling storage containers such as shoe boxes, crates, and boxes.

If done properly, storage can add decorative detail to the outside of your child’s closet. Add floor-to-ceiling shelves to maximize wall space. Or, use wall-mounted rods for hanging certain clothing items such as costumes, dresses and other cute and fun items worthy of display.

Swap out the traditional headboard on your child’s bed for one made out of various storage bins. From cubbies to cabinets, when stacked on top of one another these make for the ideal spot for books and stuffed animals.

Kitchen cabinets also make for ingenious storage. Hung up, they serve as clean, decorative decals with ample storage space for the baskets full of toys. School lockers aren’t limited to storing textbooks and photos of Justin Bieber. These not only offer ample space, but also a fun feature to your child’s room.

Channel Your Inner Child

When it comes to proper storage, you should do so with a pint-sized perspective. And no, we don’t mean getting into full-blown child mode and start crawling around on the floor. Unless you want to.

Instead, try to keep in mind what is easily obtainable and in their line of sight. Kid-safe, soft and often-used toys are best stowed in the bottom drawers. Breakable, fragile and other various keepsakes should go higher up.

Avoid adult-sized furniture, which can create issues for those short in stature. Invest in child-sized furniture, often relatively affordable for both safety and comfort.

Do you have any additional tips for controlling the clutter in your child’s bedroom? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below! 

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