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3 Tips to Prepare your Home for Holiday House Guests

posted by D.R. Horton December 19, 2015 0 comments

This week brings eager anticipation of Christmas, and with it, holiday guests! If you will be hosting family or friends for the holiday, here are a few helpful tips to prepare your home for guests.

1.) Only Focus on Areas that Guests will See

While it might be tempting to give your home a top-to-bottom organization makeover and finally tackle that junk drawer and linen closet, save that for the New Year. Keep in mind that guests will likely not be spending time in your master bedroom closet, so your time is better spent focusing on areas that guests will see, such as entry ways like foyers and mudrooms.

2.) Think Like Your Guest

You might take for granted that you know your way around your home in complete darkness, but guests are most likely unfamiliar with the path to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Motion-activated night lights in hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms are a good idea to be sure your guests don’t stub their toe on that hallway table.

Hosting small children? Ask your guest how you can ensure your home is safe for their family. Do they utilize baby gates or outlet covers that you might not have on hand? Consider re-locating cleaning solutions and medications from child-accessible cabinets and move breakables from tabletops or bookshelves in advance. (More helpful child proofing tips here from houselogic. )

3.) Don’t Make Them Ask

Your guests don’t want to have to constantly bother you with little questions like “where are the coffee filters?” or “where is extra toilet paper?” Try to think in advance of the basic things your guest might need during their visit and consider setting everything out for them like towels and extra blankets on the bed and extra toilet paper in each bathroom. Leave out everything they might need for coffee in the morning in case they wake before you and consider writing brief instructions on how to use the TV remote if it’s more complicated than just pressing the power button.

Bonus tip: write down your Wi-Fi password and place it on their nightstand so they are sure to see it.

Check out more tips on preparing your home for guests from houselogic.

At D.R. Horton, we understand the importance of making your home comfortable for both you and those you invite into it.

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