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4 Easy Daily Cleaning Chores to Never Skip

posted by Hannah August 7, 2018 0 comments

Most of us will agree – the idea of household chores is, quite literally, a chore. Many of us live in a fast-paced world that leaves us pressed for time. It is easy to feel the overwhelm of a home in disarray.

Luckily, cleaning your home isn’t as difficult as a complete overhaul. In fact, experts say there are less than a handful of easily-tackled tasks that leave a major cleaning impact. Bonus? These can be accomplished in less than 15 minutes daily. Here’s a list of items you should never skip.

Let’s be honest: you probably know these already, so consider this as a gentle nudge or reminder.

Daily Cleaning Chore: Make Your Bed

Sadly, the “Why would I make anything I plan on getting back in to?” argument you made to your parents does not fly. Often, this would even lead to your parents not allowing you to leave the house until you made the bed. And, as unappealing as those memories are, the “I told you so” speaks volumes in some pretty appealing results. As someone who has been making her bed for the past year, I can tell you these are much more than just a tidier room.

Don’t believe me? Ask science.

According to a study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, women who described their homes as restorative and restful were less depressed, tired and stressed than those whose homes were cluttered.

Plus, a clean room will help you sleep better. Which leads to more energy and an elevated mood. And what does this all equal? People with cleaner rooms are more likely to exercise.

So why is this? For one, crawling into a clean bed every night adds an extra comfort layer for a better night’s sleep. And, the two minutes or less it takes to make a bed creates an additional level of accomplishment and positivity.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to throw any dirty items into your laundry hamper. Used towels and recently worn garments spread across your floor makes your room feel much dirtier.

Daily Cleaning Chores: Do the Dishes

Dirty dishes. They are gross, smelly, and can pile up quickly.

Skipping them means doubling up on the dirt and work it takes to scrub them off. Which leads to a backlog of mildew, old food, and standing water — all ideal ingredients for mold and bacterial growth.

Make it a habit to clean your dishes as you use them so you avoid the mountain climbing cleaning expedition. If preparing a meal, clean as you go so there’s minimal need for pickup after the fact and more time to relax.

This is not only imperative to a clean state of mind, but also for the health of your family. Old, caked-on food sitting in standing dishwater is a petri dish for hazardous bacteria. It can also attract mold and unwanted pests such as mice and cockroaches.
At the very least, rinse your pots and pans of any additional debris. This will make it easier once you do decide to tackle the dishes. On top of clearing out the danger of a potential infestation.

Daily Cleaning Chores: Wipe Down Countertops

Paper towels, dish rags, sponge… it doesn’t matter the method you use to clean your countertops, just make sure to give them a quick once-over daily.

When it comes to your kitchen, spills and crumbs on your counter can create a much messier look than exists. Use a wet cloth or a wipe to quickly clean the countertops. Do this after you finish using the area to help keep stains from getting hard. Plus, it will add an extra shine which goes a long way to make a room feel clean.

Bathrooms, especially sink countertops next to or near a toilet, are germ hotbeds. After your nightly bedtime routine, grab a wet wipe or clean towel and do a quick, 15-second clean off.

Daily Cleaning Chores: Clean the Floors

From hard surfaces to rugs and even porcelain tile, a cleaner floor equals a much cleaner home.

In fact, microbiologists estimate that carpet can likely contain about 200,000 bacteria in every square inch. That’s 4,000 times worse than a toilet.

Vacuuming should always be a quick, once-over chore done daily. This is especially true when it comes to your highly-trafficked areas. Consider a handheld vacuum for even faster swipes over visibly dirty small spots. And, it helps eliminate the dirt ground down into the fibers of your carpet.

You can even take a vacuum to the walls to get rid of any dirt, debris, or cobwebs. Don’t forget about furniture, especially if you’re a pet owner. Pet dander can get lodged into the fibers of your furniture and set off allergy symptoms from those who struggle already.
If you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, dedicate an additional minute or so to sprinkling some baking soda on your carpet prior to vacuuming. This will eliminate any smells and freshen up the air within your home.

The Dirty on Daily Cleaning

As a rule of thumb, aim for finished, not perfect. Cleaning should be about dividing and conquering. If you begin your day with a little tidying up, like making your bed, you won’t feel as swamped by housework. Keeping a clean home starts with good habits, like doing the dishes after making a meal. Practices like cleaning off bathroom countertops add an extra eliminate of good hygiene to your home.

What are the daily rules of home cleaning you live by? Any additional necessary tasks you’d like to add to this list? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to leave your feedback in the comment section below. 

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