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4 Ways to Celebrate This Memorial Day

posted by Megan May 25, 2016 0 comments

You might see this long weekend as one spent grilling a variety of meats, lounging by the pool or lake, possibly traveling cross country, or just slothing around enjoying the three-day weekend. But don’t forget Monday is all about remembering those who dedicated their lives and fought for our freedom. While you’re throwing weekend shindigs, just remember to keep in mind those who made the ultimate sacrifice and check back on Monday for ways to honor our fallen heroes.

You can help reiterate the meaning of Memorial Day to kiddos (and adults, too) by simply incorporating some patriotism into your weekend activities.

Here are four simple ways you can bring the weekend’s meaning back to your weekend’s celebrations:

1. Fly the American flag

Let your kiddos help you set up the ol’ red, white and blue. Remember: On Memorial Day the flag is flown at half-staff from sunrise until noon to remember those fallen, then raised to the top of the staff until sunset.

If you don’t own an American flag, you can always plan a flag-making activity and show off your creations throughout the weekend. Some fun ideas include a hand print craft, an easy egg carton painting, or a simple construction paper flag.

2. Do some patriotic crafting

To help you decorate for the parties you might be hosting this weekend, we’ve made some printables for you, including a party banner, flags and party signs!

Memorial Day Printables

Have little hands help you get the party going by helping decorate your party space. Here are seven patriotic crafts that can help you enjoy the weekend.

3. Make a patriotic themed menu

Here are 15 unique Memorial Day recipes that can make a party great. Maybe you’re just sticking to burgers and dogs? Why not try upping your drink game? If you’re just looking for more dessert options, as we all know a good trifle can steal the show, here are six fabulously patriotic desserts.

4. Plan patriotic games

Why not give kiddos something to do while the adults are grilling out this weekend? How about a giant tic tac toe? Or maybe a hop scotch made out of painted lawn stars. If you still can’t think of an idea, here are 10 outdoor games with a patriotic twist.

How are you celebrating this weekend? Check back on Monday for more ideas on how to honor our fallen heroes.

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