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5 Timeless Pieces You Should Have in Your Home

posted by Hannah February 6, 2018 0 comments
Timeless Decor

Unlike their timeless counterparts, trends are okay as long as they don’t stick around for too long. What’s cool today might wear out its welcome tomorrow. Trends produce the type of pieces you can’t stand, yet they are everywhere.

And, because home decor can often come with a loftier price tag, this also means determining what to splurge and what to purge. Here are a few items provided by a few home decor gurus proven to stand the test of time.

Timeless Pieces: Comfy Sofas

Consider your sofa as the star of your room. It should stand out as the piece-de-resistance while also complimented by its cohorts.

The color you choose for your sofa should match your style. However, make sure it coincides with the overall color scheme of your living room. It needs to include a chic and elegant design to effortlessly fit the room’s overall ambiance.

For example, if you prefer a leather sofa, it fits beautifully with many different decorating themes from contemporary to country. Most often, these types of styles are also considered timeless, and if done correctly rarely go out of style.

Pro tip: try to steer away from over-sized or puffy couches. The timeless design also equals avoiding overly busy patterns, shapes, and sizes. Instead, stick to neutral colors such as gray. These tend to be more versatile and will fit into nearly all spaces.

Timeless Decor: Antique Pieces

Antiques will almost always be timeless. It’s about mixing it with traditional upholstery pieces that give it a traditional appeal.

It’s important to invest in a few pieces of antique furniture if you don’t have a few heirlooms already. And, if you mix them with prints or color combinations, you can give it that modern art look which is so in right now.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a historical piece. Any furniture, including reproductions that are more than 100 years old are antiques. You can even invest in a few vintage accessories that can instantly transform your space. So, get crazy with your neoclassical columns, batty with your marble busts — you get the drift.

If you do decide to invest in a larger-scale item, such as furnishings like couches, beds or a nice pair of French doors, it can really transform your space. Just don’t overdo it and remember that at one point these furnishings were also the hottest trend items.

Timeless Pieces: Statement Chair

There’s something pretty inviting about a chair you can sink in to. Not to mention a fun and flirty chair can really invite flair into your living space.

The real benefit of this item? It’s independent enough to work in nearly every space. From the kitchen to the bedroom, and yes, even the bathroom — they can work harmoniously as opposing spaces.

For example, if you fancy the “private members’ club look”, transform a room with a classic, deep-seated leather armchair. Or, try teaming a wooden rocking chair with a designer couch for a modern, sophisticated look. If you are looking to make a formal dining room a bit more laid back, try a cane-back chair. Its texture adds an unexpected balance to more upscale elements.

Pro tip: When in doubt, go with a traditional armchair. It fits in just about any room and provides comfort on days you feel like lazing around with a good book.

Timeless Pieces: Stunning Lights

Unless you’re a nocturnal creature that craves the ambiance of a dark cave, lighting is a crucial element to just about any home.

Table lamps play a big role in controlling the overall appeal of a room. Create a beautiful, homey feel with a lamp that has a larger base and metallic or glass finishes. Team it with a neutral color palette to create a sense of calm.

Choose window treatments that have the capacity to let in a maximum amount of light. Or, for areas where light is minimal, invest in a high-quality, stand-out table lamp to give your space the natural glow appeal.

Timeless Pieces: Bold Area Rug

The idea of architectural symmetry is no foreign concept in the decorating world. And, when paired with a patterned rug, this classic look gets an instant, modern-day allure.

Consider rugs with intricate patterns and warm colors. They can add both comfort and style to any room. Traditional rugs work as coverings for nearly any type of flooring — from carpet to stone tiling. For a bohemian/tapestry look, consider layering smaller rugs.

They also add an artistic element to a home. They can add personality to just about any space. This is especially true if you’re not a fan of adding color to your walls. They can define and add colorful decorations to a bland space. And, although most hand-woven textiles can cost you a pretty penny, these types of items rarely go out of style.

Timeless Pieces: Trendy Timing

There’s no hard and fast rule that every piece in your home has to be “timeless.” In fact, most decorators say throwing in trendy pieces can liven up your room. To blend trendy and timeless seamlessly, toss in accessories that are easily exchanged seasonally.

At the end of the day, I want my home to reflect a bit of my personality. If I like it, I buy it. I just make sure it’s all about balance. Because in my opinion, loving where you live will never go out of style.

What do you think? Feel free to add any additional tips and tricks in the comment section below! 

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