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5 Ways to Maximize Your Living Space

posted by D.R. Horton October 11, 2015 0 comments

The single most important aspect to designing a room is maximizing the room’s potential through functionality, visual appeal, and individuality while saving money. Living spaces – both large and small, old and new – can be tweaked to be efficient, healthy, and stylish, and D.R. Horton is here to help! These are five important tips that can help maximize the potential of your living space.

1) Whites on, Whites off

Before you go painting those walls with your favorite color, consider that you may not feel so keen towards the color once entire walls are filled by a bright royal blue. The wrong paint color could make a room appear smaller, and maybe even feel uncomfortable or unwelcoming. Instead, keep the majority of the paints and fabrics in a room to a lighter and cleaner color pallet, then give the room definition by using a few dark furniture pieces, like tables and book shelves. Sticking with the off-white walls in a newly purchased home can actually make a room appear larger and feel more refreshing. You’ll also save a Benjamin or two, meaning you can invest that money on a few great furniture pieces.

2) An Eclectic Home Doesn’t Have To Be Cluttered Home

Everyone has their own distinctive style, and it becomes evident by showcasing unique objects around the room. Some may think that making the most of a room is done by throwing out unused items. Instead of tossing those little expressions of yourself in the trash, build shelving to give your stuff a home and organize collections. Utilizing high spaces for shelving will open up floor space and keep your eclectic style far away from where it’s likely to be bumped, broken, or stepped on.

3) Solving the Furniture Puzzle

Have you have spent more than a few hours rearranging the furniture, but it never seems to look right? The room simply may not be compatible with the size or shape of the furniture. When shopping, take into consideration the dimensions of the room. Small rooms call for appropriately-sized and efficiently-shaped pieces of furniture, whereas large vaulted rooms are complemented by larger furniture.

4) A Little Pop Can Make a Big Difference

Remember that favorite color of yours? Sorry it didn’t make it on the walls. You do have great taste in color though, and you should to express that. For example, create objects of interest in a room that incorporate the royal blue and strategically place that pop of color to fill negative space. Whether it’s the kitchen, living room, or bathroom, a little pop of color around the room can make a big difference.

5) Let Sun In And Lights Out

Letting in more light is so very important when making the most of a room. UV rays kill airborne bacteria, meaning the room doesn’t just look more refreshing but it is quite literally more refreshing than before. The second most important aspect of letting in sunlight is the fact that your vitamin D levels go up, causing you to think more positively. Finally, if it’s daytime, and the light switch is on, then you’re wasting money. Opening up the blinds and even installing a skylight is like saying “yes” when you’re asked: “want to save money?” Talk about maximizing your living space – thank you sunlight!

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