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Add Curb Appeal to Your Home on a Budget

posted by Stefan March 22, 2017 0 comments

The fastest, most profitable sale of a home often happens after the implementation of home staging techniques. If you want someone to buy your home, it needs to look comfortable and inviting. This provides potential buyers more of an emotional connection to your home.

Most buyers know within 60 seconds of seeing a home whether or not they will consider buying it. It helps to provide your house with a nice outward appearance. Achieve this through the following fairly simple updates.


Wash and paint all the doors. Particularly the one in front. This is what buyers will be looking at while they wait to go inside. Try to paint it a shade that coordinates with the color of your home.  Improve the front door in other ways. Consider adding house numbers, hanging a seasonal wreath, and placing potted plants by the entrance. If your welcome mat has been worn down, buy a new one. A clean doorway will give a great first impression. It provides buyers a indication of the state of affairs on the inside of the home.


Use your lawn mower to cut the grass regularly and get rid of any weeds. Check out this helpful tutorial from House Logic. Another easy way to keep a lawn healthy is by installing an irrigation system or snaking drip hoses through your plant beds. These can be attached to your home’s outdoor spigot with a timer that will activate them automatically during the day.


A colorful, well-maintained garden in your yard suggests that the rest of the home is equally groomed and well cared for. Start by weeding out all your plant beds and spreading enough mulch to cover your gardening area. Consider buying annual flowers like pansies and petunias that are cheap, grow quickly and will provide long lasting color. These can be purchased in collections of 12 to 48 flowers at home improvement stores, just remember to protect your investment with frequent watering and pay special attention to care cards for tips on if your plants like full sun or shade. Black thumb? Purchase drought-tolerant plants and grasses that add color and texture to your flower beds without requiring all the TLC of flowers.


Garbage and recycling containers should be hidden behind a bush, fence, screen, etc. or placed in the garage. Also, inspect your driveway and patch or reseal any minor cracks. Aside from having a well-organizing garage, don’t forget about the exterior of your garage door. By purchasing some very basic and easy-to-install hardware, or simply painting the door a coordinating color that goes well with your home’s exterior, you can easily add some instant charm and interest. For more garage door makeover ideas, check out this helpful tutorial.


Untangle your garden hose, crank it to full volume and spray away all the grime that accumulated on your property during the winter. If you’re struggling with tough stains or set in grime, renting a power washer is an affordable way to breathe new life into your home’s exterior.


Be sure to wash both sides of your windows. If your home has more than one floor, have a friend steady a ladder while you climb up to do the cleaning. Or err on the side of caution and consider outsourcing this particular task to the pros. Hose them with water first to get rid of cobwebs and dry dirt, then sponge them down with a detergent and vinegar solution or window cleaner for a streak-free finish.


Make regular checks on your roof for damage, debris, moss, algae and anything that might be clogging your gutters. These can lead to overflowing water that harms foundations as well as missing shingles that can cause interior leaks.


Specifically, remove any outdated front door or garage light fixtures and replace with up to date lights that appeal to the style of your home. If your current lights just need a face lift or are a bit outdated (we’re talking to you 90s brass hardware), a simple solution is removing the lights and spray painting them an oil rubbed bronze or satin nickel. When selecting a finish, just be sure to pay attention to the other finishes on or near that area, such as door hardware such as handles and knobs for a streamlined look.

Online Curb Appeal

It’s important to remember that homebuyers are more informed now than they have ever been because they can easily research real estate online. Therefore, it’s helpful for the home to look appealing on a website, which is where most people will see it for the first time. There are numerous photography options, but when it comes to showing off your home in photos, selecting a photographer that specializes in photographing real estate can be very helpful. Wide angel shots with a professional camera helps produce quality images that will better show off your home’s features and flow.

The Right Time

If you’re trying your hand at photographing your home, we have some helpful tips. For day shots of your property, morning and late afternoons are best for getting naturally lit photographs. Be sure to find out which direction your home faces because those facing east are best shot in the morning, those facing west are best in the afternoon and homes facing south can be shot at pretty much any time during the day. If your home has good landscaping or architectural lighting, take some pictures about 45 minutes after the sun sets and see how they turn out. If there aren’t many clouds, the photos will hopefully capture the sky’s orange-purple color and provide a nice backdrop for the house. Just make sure you turn on all your exterior and interior lights.

Show Off

Highlight a home’s best qualities through images. For example, if it has a spacious yard, get a lot of shots from various angles and positions that will convey the size. Take a picture of the yard from the house and then take a photo from the edge of your property to the house. When doing these yard shots, it’s best to elevate the camera as much as possible so you can capture as much of your space as possible.

But When in Doubt…

Hire a professional photographer to take and edit the pictures. He/she will know the best angles to use and what editing software works best to create an effective image for your home.

Now that spring selling season is officially here, what outside updates do you plan to make to your home? We’d love to hear, share with us below. 

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