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Benefits of Community Living

posted by Matt May 16, 2017 0 comments

There are plenty of considerable advantages to buying a new home. The obvious, tangible benefits like customization or warranty are easy to recognize, but possibly the most important advantages to community living are the ones that are not as easy to see.

Community Amenities

The most obvious benefit of community living is the most tangible. Amenities built into a community can add incredible value to your home. You may have access to a swimming pool (maintained by someone else – and as a homeowner with a pool in his back yard, I can tell you that having someone else clean your pool is pretty great). Walking trails and playgrounds mean you won’t have to go far to enjoy healthy pastimes. Community centers can be reserved for large parties or just for meeting friends, and often include workout rooms or even basketball courts.

Many communities even include schools. Anna Town Square, a D.R. Horton community, features an elementary school currently under construction within the community. Your kids will go to school with their neighbors and be able to walk home with their friends. In a time where many kids have to ride the bus or wait for their parents to pick them up, that small-town feel can be simply priceless.

For an example of great natural amenities, consider at Primrose at Beacon Park. This community is fully integrated with all the parks around it. It’s not so much a community with lots of parks as it is great parks surrounded by beautiful homes. There are plenty of places to play, gather and get out into nature. Residents can enjoy parks in a handful of adjacent neighborhoods.

Amenities like golf courses and swimming pools may sound expensive, but you can still find affordable homes with some great community features. Verandah Express, for instance, includes pools, ball courts, practice fields, pocket parks and trails. With homes from the $190s, you won’t have to break the bank to afford an exceptional community lifestyle.


While a gated community may be the most obvious example of improved security, even communities without gates tend to enjoy safety and security above those of older neighborhoods. You’re sharing your neighborhood with like-minded people, most of whom will be moving into the area close to the same time you are. Having neighbors who can look out for you seriously improves the security of your community. Many communities also enjoy neighborhood watch groups. Your HOA may even fund private security to keep you safe.

Homeowners Associations

Opinions on HOAs vary, but it’s hard to deny the obvious benefits in having organized community oversight. When playgrounds need work, pools need cleaning, or roads need repaving, the HOA can take care of required maintenance. In neighborhoods without HOAs, it may be difficult to determine who should be maintaining parks or walking trails. A new community will provide all those features for you.

An HOA is also responsible for ensuring standards throughout the community. No need to worry that your property values will take a hit when your neighbor parks a rusted car on the lawn – the HOA has the authority to make sure that doesn’t happen. Many homeowners chafe at the restrictions an HOA may enforce, but it’s worth it to keep the community attractive and protect property values.

Community Lifestyle

Possibly the most important feature of community living is also the least tangible. Community living is not just about safe streets and nice lawns. It’s about the neighbors you’ll make into friends. Look at Village Grande at Camelot. This active-adult community has a community center that routinely hosts happy hours and holiday parties. Residents meet up at to play on the bocce court, shoot pool in the billiards room, or go on trips together as a community.

Another fine example of community living is Union Park in Little Elm, TX. This exceptional community includes a great number of magnificent amenities like a food truck park and resort pool, but the real value comes from the people themselves. Events are planned year-round to give residents good excuses to come together and enjoy their homes together.

The Community Package

Community living is about a lot more than nine-foot ceilings or granite countertops. When you buy a home in a new community, you’re getting more than a place to park your car or lay your head. You’re getting new neighbors who want to look out for each other. You’re getting people with a vested interest in maintaining property values. And best of all, you’re getting the community lifestyle, where you can enjoy the company of your neighbors and friends in comfortable surroundings. 

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