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Decorating Your Home for Spring

posted by Stefan April 5, 2017 0 comments

Ah, Spring: the time of rebirth, the return of warm weather and people spending time outside again. There is a certain festive atmosphere in the air making this season a great opportunity to make one’s home reflective of this jubilant mood. And this is not something that takes a lot of time or money to accomplish, so if you’re hoping to update your living space for the spring time, just keep on reading for decorating ideas.

Take Note of Needs

For those who are struggling to decide what you want to do with your house’s interior, here is a good way to kick start some ideas: with a pen and paper, go to each room, shut your eyes and when you open them write down the three things that bother you the most. It can be the rug, curtains, throw pillows or even the primary color in your decor. This will force you to prioritize the most important things and will make it easier to decide what you want to change. There are a lot of things you can do to redecorate for this time of year and it’s always helpful to narrow your options down.

Bring in Brightness

With all the sunshine that we will be getting, one of the more popular ways to update your home is to simply add more brightness to it. A common way to do this is to introduce white accents to your accessories: pillows, vases, frames, etc. Using a white canvas on the walls is also great way to tie the color scheme of a room together.

Of course, you might want to go further than using the standard white and add more vivid colors to energize your home. This is where you can really be creative because there are a lot of ways to implement a distinctive color scheme into a given room. Try filling a bowl or tall glass vase with apples, pears or even lemons to add a stylistic spark to your kitchen or even living room. It’s convenient to use fruits in this manner because they have the dual benefits of being aesthetically pleasing and practical. Not only are they relatively cheap accessories, having a fresh supply of them nearby is great if you need them for cooking or snacking.

Fill Home with Flowers

Now if you are not a fan using food for decor, there are plenty of other ways to bring color into your home. Flowers are always a classic alternative so pots of daffodils and daisies could be great accessories that will make the mood of a room happy and remind visitors of the spring season. If you’re operating on a strict budget though, keep in mind that plants are more cost efficient and last longer than freshly cut flowers.

Add Pops of Color

Continue adding pops of color to your home by switching out the throw pillows on your sofa or couch. The benefit of purchasing neutral tones for your large furniture, such as sofas and chairs is you can easily add color and interest by switching out the pillows Don’t be afraid to mix in a bold shade to spice things up and if you need a good resource for this, Etsy is a great go-to place for unique items in a variety of price points.

Replace Old Furniture

For the more active decorators, antiquing is an excellent hobby for this time of year and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Purchasing and repainting an old piece of furniture makes for great bonding but you want to avoid biting off more than you can chew. A good rule to follow is to only take objects that you can finish painting in at most two weeks; anything more than that will probably become less enjoyable. Look for old desks or dressers and give them new life by sanding and applying a fresh coat or two of paint. This is a great activity to tackle outdoors, so find a nice weekend and put on some sunscreen!

Decorate your Table

With the weather getting nicer, people tend to look forward to sharing a meal outside. With this in mind, decorating your table is a great way to celebrate this seasonal change at a pretty affordable price. Table cloths and place mats (even the paper kind) with a springtime flower arrangement or a flowering plant can add a bit of life to your outdoor space. Some votive candles and string lights add a touch of class and round out your outdoor dining experience.

Remember Spring-Themed Holidays

Don’t forget about the upcoming holiday: Easter is right around the corner, which is another opportunity to decorate. Egg-themed ornaments will be on display in almost every department store that are great to put out on your lawn or patio. You can even buy an Easter egg wreath for your front door or put a doormat with an Easter sign on it by your home’s entrance. There are strings of egg shaped lights that you can hang over your fireplace mantle or dinner table. Interested in tackling your own Easter Egg Hunt? We’ve done the hard work for you here.

Be Affordable

Dollar stores, garage sales and thrift stores are all great places to shop for affordable spring decor, so embrace the end of winter and bring some life into your home. Spring is upon us. Enjoy it! 

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