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Decorating Tips that Might Surprise You

posted by D.R. Horton February 29, 2016 0 comments

You might be familiar with the “traditional” decorating rules. Or, perhaps you’ve heard the saying “if you decorate with things you love, you can’t make any mistakes.”

But have you found yourself decorating and felt like something was just not right? Most importantly it didn’t feel like, well… you? Interior designer Emily Henderson’s book, Styled, offers tips for styling your home. Even more she discusses interesting ones that might surprise you in this post on “Cup of Jo.” Check out our two favorite tips below.

Say “Yes” to White Walls if Color is Your Thing

What Guests Notice

Why you ask? If you love color, chances are you collect colorful things. Including rugs, pillows, vases, picture frames and perhaps even furniture (why not a blue sofa?). If you paint your walls a color, your room may quickly turn into visual chaos but you’re unsure why since it’s filled with “only things you love!” As Emily puts it, “your eye has no space to rest.” Consider painting your walls a white or very neutral color to serve as a backdrop so your colorful belongings can stand out rather than compete with each other.

The reverse can be true, as well. If you love one main color and are set on it being your wall color, consider only decorating with neutral furniture and accessories.

Ask Yourself: Is There a Color you Love Dressing In Most?

Rent-To-Own Furniture

It should come as no surprise that we repeatedly migrate toward wearing certain colors that we find comfortable and pleasing to our eye. Head to your closet and pick out the three or four main outfits that are your “go-to.” You know, the ones you love no matter how you feel. Is there a color theme? If so, consider focusing on those hues when selecting curtains, throw pillows, rugs and accessories. Love to wear neutrals? Those could work best in your home, too!

Have you read Emily’s book or have any surprising decorating tricks that you follow in your own home? Share with us below!

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