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Family-Friendly Activities to Beat the Winter Blues

posted by D.R. Horton January 19, 2016 0 comments

After the general merriment of the holidays simmer down, January and February can leave people feeling a little gloomy. Help avoid the winter blues with these family-friendly activities from your friends at D.R. Horton.

Host a Winter Barbecue: No Grill Necessary

Why does it seem like the warm months are overflowing with social gatherings but everyone hides out during the colder months? Beat your winter blues by inviting over family and friends and prepare a menu that reminds you of summer. Just be sure to leave your grill outside! Hamburgers (check out the link from Men’s Fitness for the best indoor burger recipe!) and hot dogs don’t have to be limited to just warm-season dining. Cook up your picnic favorites and bring your party indoors.

Be a Tourist in Your own Town

Isn’t it funny when you’re a tourist you will visit the local attractions but often never make it to the museums and historical sites in your own back yard? This winter, take advantage of the great nearby tourist spots you haven’t taken your family to, like local art and science museums. Be sure to think outside the box, too – many businesses offer factory tours that are also fascinating. Have more than a few hours to spare? Don’t forget about nearby attractions that are an hour or two away and make a day of it!

Visit Indoor Amusement Centers

Don’t forget about the fun indoor water parks, laser tag and rock climbing gyms, indoor trampoline parks, or even the local bowling alley. These all can offer hours of entertainment for the whole family while staying nice and warm indoors!

Take up a Hobby or Sport as a Family

Have you always been interested in learning to sew, paint or finally take those tennis lessons (according to Parents, it’s a great sport for the family!) you’ve been thinking about for years? Local recreation and community centers often offer introductory classes and lessons fit for the whole family.

Finally get Family Game Night Going

Embrace staying at home and make it a tradition to break out the board games and cards and schedule a recurring family game night. (Check out these family-friendly game ideas from Real Simple) It will give everyone something to look forward to and you can rotate the game choices so everyone gets a turn in deciding what you play. Order pizza or make something simple like spaghetti and keep it a casual, low-key night that doesn’t require much planning.

What else does your family do to keep those winter blues at bay? Share with us below! 

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