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Father’s Day Activities

posted by Matt June 6, 2017 0 comments

Father’s Day this year is on Sunday, June 18. That means you have just a couple weeks to figure out what you’re going to do with Dad. You could buy him a gift, sure. In fact, we have a gift guide from last year that you can review for ideas. But maybe instead of a gift, spend time with your father. Nothing says ‘I’m glad you’re my dad’ like actually hanging out with him. And Father’s Day is a great day for it.

Father’s Day Board Games

Before we launch into all the ways you can leave the house, consider a day at home. Go see Dad – and bring a couple board games. If you’re not sure what sounds like fun, you can check out boardgamegeek.com. They’ve got an enormous, searchable library of games so you can pick one for the whole family. Here are a few suggestions that should go over great:

Father’s Day Outdoors

If you would rather take Dad outside for his big day, you’ve got lots of options. If your father likes fishing, that’s an easy win. And you probably know all the best spots already so there’s not much help I can offer there. But how about camping? You could just drive out to a campground somewhere and put up the tent. Cooking hot dogs over an open fire and enjoying the great outdoors can be a hoot.

If you want to do something you may not have done before, try KOA. You can bring the car and set up a tent. Or you could drive an RV and get all your hookups. Many locations even have cabins you can rent. Best of all? KOA is offering Kids Camp Free for Father’s Day.

Sports on Father’s Day

We’re going to start with the obvious choices again. Golf is a no-brainer (assuming Dad likes golf). You can also take your dad to an MLB game. But for a really cool day out, see what options your local team offers. The Rangers will deliver the tickets to his work in a gift basket. Several teams will let you play catch with your dad after the game.

A personal favorite of mine (which, unfortunately, my own children do not appreciate) is disc golf. This is a wildly enjoyable sport that slightly resembles golf. Only in disc golf, nobody expects you to wear golf shoes. You can find disc golf courses all over the country. For more information, check out the official disc golf site. If you need a starter kit, you can find one very affordably at Amazon.

Father’s Day Goofing Off

So your father isn’t a sports fan. He doesn’t like board games. He’s not big into the out-of-doors. No worries! You can still take him out for a fun day. Take him for a few holes of putt-putt golf and then order pizza. If Dad likes getting dizzy, drive go-karts or take him to an amusement park. For some aggressive exercise, try paintball. Any of these suggestions will require you to do some internet searches on your own, but nearly any place in the country will have some fun activities within an easy drive.

Hobbies for Father’s Day

We’re finishing up our list with the ideas that will require the most work. For these outings, you will need to know what Dad really likes. Hobbies tend to be wildly diverse. Finding the perfect day may take you some time – but we’ll help where we can.

Is Dad a history buff? Try historical tours. Texas has a hundreds of ghost towns and presidios. California is home to nearly two-dozen Spanish missions. New Jersey has entire historic villages, churches and farms. Do an internet search for your state and include ‘historical landmarks.’ Then plan a trip to show Dad something older than he is.

Maybe Dad is into classic cars. There are car shows all over the nation on Father’s Day. Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park is hosting a car show. So is the city of Burien, WA. I could keep going – there are car shows from coast to coast on Father’s Day. Again, a little internet searching should help you find one near you.

If your dad is an art connoisseur, try taking him to a museum. Most large cities will have multiple art museums, so you likely have your pick, if you don’t mind a bit of a drive. For something a little different, explore outdoor art installations. Take Dad on a walking tour of Chicago’s outdoor art. Tour the Franklin D Murphy sculpture gardens at UCLA. Visit some cultural icons in Fort Worth. A little research will turn up something near you.

Another option, if your father is a music buff, is to take Dad to a show. You can check Ticketmaster to see who is playing near you. They have a handy function that lets you search by location and date. You can even filter by genre, so that you don’t accidentally take Dad to go see Katy Perry.

Father’s Day Your Way

Of course, the important thing here is that you find a good way to spend time with your father. Schedule a white-water rafting tour or spend the afternoon bird-watching. We can offer suggestions, but you know your dad better than we do. If you have any cool ideas, feel free to share them in the comments below. 

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