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Fun Winter Crafts for Kids

posted by D.R. Horton February 24, 2016 1 Comment

Being stuck indoors during the winter months can get old for everyone, but it can be especially frustrating for children. If you’re looking for alternative activities that will get your kids off the tablets and video games, D.R. Horton suggests you check out these awesome craft ideas from Parents.

Below are our favorites.

Create a Construction-Free Bird Feeder

Did you know that February is National Bird-Feeding Month? While birds and furry friends will likely appreciate your gesture year-round, inspire your kids to whip up a bird feeder before the month ends. Looking for an easy feeder that doesn’t require assembly? Simply cut out shapes in corrugated cardboard, poke a hole at the top and loop string or twine for hanging. Then, spread peanut butter on both sides of the shape and coat with birdseed. Have pinecones laying around in your yard? Those work, too!

No Snow? No Problem!

Have your kids make their own winter wonderland with these easy steps for creating snowflakes:

  1. “Using scissors, cut medium-weight paper into 1/4-inch-wide strips; then cut those strips into 6-inch lengths.
  2. Fold each strip about a third of the way down.
  3. Using a pencil or chopstick, curl both ends of the strip toward the fold. You’ll need 8 strips to form one snowflake.
  4. For each snowflake, arrange the points of 8 strips in the center; attach each adjoining side to the next with glue. Add on leftover strips to fill out the flakes.”

Build a Pine Cone Village

Challenge your kids to collect as many pine cones outside as they can for this project. If pine cones aren’t easy to find in your area, they can be purchased online and at most craft stores. Build a pine cone village by painting pine cones green to make trees, attaching eyes and felt wings to make birds, or pipe cleaners to make four-legged friends.

Have any other kid-friendly indoor craft ideas up your sleeve? Share with us below!

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