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Helpful Home Maintenance Checklist

posted by D.R. Horton January 28, 2016 0 comments

There’s nothing like a leaking roof or a heating system outage to remind you the importance of preventive home maintenance.  In case you’re not sure what you should be checking throughout your home and how often, take a look at this helpful list from My Home Ideas.

Here are just a few maintenance items from the list broken out by frequency.


  • Garbage disposal: Flush with hot water and baking soda.
  • Sink/tub drains: Clean out debris.
  • Water softener: Check salt drum and replace if necessary.

Every Two Months

  • Range hood: clean grease filter.


  • Outdoor drains: Clean out debris.
  • Heating/cooling system: Replace filters according to manufacturer’s recommendation.

Every Six Months

  • Test: Smoke detector batteries and replace (if needed).
  • Washer & dryer: Clean water filters, check hoses and vacuum lint from ducts.
  • Wiring: Check for frayed cords or wires and replace as needed.


  • Roof: Inspect surface, flashing, eaves and soffits and repair (as needed).
  • Gutters & downspouts: Clean out and inspect for proper drainage.
  • Siding: Inspect and clean.
  • Exterior caulking: Inspect and replace any areas that have deterioration.
  • Windowsills, doorsills & thresholds: Repair cracks, caulk edges and paint as needed.
  • Window & door screens: Clean and replace/repair any broken screens.


  • Repeat: The ‘Spring’ list.
  • Thermostat: Check heat sensor and accuracy; replace if not working properly.
  • Weather stripping: Inspect and repair if needed.
  • Storm windows & doors: Inspect and replace any broken glass, replace damaged hardware and lubricate door hinges.
  • Chimney: Clean flute, repair cracks and check for any crumbling mortar.
  • Outdoor faucets: Especially important if you live in an area that has freezing winters, shut off valves to outdoor faucets. open spigots and drain, and store hoses.


  • Septic tank: Have a professional check the tank yearly and have it pumped as recommended.
  • Water heater: Have it properly tuned to remove sediment, check valves and clean as necessary.
  • HVAC system: Have a professional tune up.

At D.R. Horton we understand the importance of keeping your home. For you and your family.

If maintenance on your aging home has you interested in shopping for a new home, contact us today – we’d love to help!

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