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2018 Home Decor Trends: What’s In and What’s Out

posted by Hannah January 3, 2018 0 comments
Home Decor Trends 2018

What do jewel tones, luxe velvet and brass balance have in common? I’ll give you a hint: they’re loud, bold and all the rage for 2018. And no, they’re not the names of the hottest indie bands headlining this year’s Coachella. They are 2018′s home decor trends.

Earlier this December, various interior design gurus gave the scoop on the rising stars of home décor. And, although these “must haves” vary depending on the expert’s style, they all tend to point back to one theme. It’s all about adding a dominate silhouette to minimal spaces consisting of warm palettes and appealing textures. On the flip side, this means letting go of declining trends such as reclaimed wood and exposed lighting.

The best part? With a few simple updates you can seamlessly blend these trends into your home. Whether you are looking for a complete home renovation, or a few simple tweaks, here are the top trends to try and what to toss.

In Home Decor: Mixed Metallic

Gold, brass, silver and bronze are the winning standard when it comes to interior aesthetics.

These popular metals are popping up just about everywhere. From kitchen cabinets to furniture, deco-inspired lighting and even various forms of plumbing. And, if done right, these vintage pieces will put a modern twist on your space.

Brass was also a popular hardware in 2017. Some design experts aren’t surprised thanks to its warm, glossy and glam appeal. While others say it’s more about the earthier hues such as copper and bronze. Either way, a recent Pinterest study shows pins for “mixed metals” were up by 423 percent this year.

Out Home Decor: Rose Gold

After years of reigning supreme, this metal’s time has finally run out.

This is thanks to its over-saturation in the market. Experts say its popularity, from iPhones to kitchen sinks, has helped it lose its overall luster. Instead, people are trading in the flashy mixed metals for muted tones.

So what does this mean for all of those rose gold lovers? Based on its timeline as one of the longest standing types of décor to weave in out of the design industry, it will be back. Dating back to the early 20th century, its adulterated elements make it less timeless and not as gaudy as gold.

In Home Decor: High Contrast Palettes

Millennial Pink, the headlining hue of 2017, is being knocked out. It’s all about vibrant colors in 2018. And, they’re packing a punch and creating an invigorating, bold entrance.

In fact, the color authorities recently announced their selection for 2018 color of the year. These colors are about as vibrant as they come.

The Pantone Color Institute named Ultra Violet its Color of the Year, while Sherwin-Williams selected Oceanside SW 6496, a deep emerald green. Both shades are described as invigorating. In fact, Pantone says their color choice “communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking.”

Saturated color, if done right, can add a glamorous appeal to your interior. However, it’s important to balance with white so it doesn’t get too over-whelming. Instead, start with versatile accent pieces that are inexpensive and easily swapped out. This can include a jewel-toned pillow or velvet throw. Or, for rooms meant for relaxation (such as the bedroom) consider watering down the violet to create more of a lavender tone.

Out Home Decor: All-White

The all-white-everything interior trend has gone cold. Instead, it’s time to breathe life back into rooms with warm tones.

This is especially true for kitchens. The new year is said to bring a brighter façade into its aesthetics with the incorporation of wood tones and neutrals including cream, blue and gray. It also means replacing white, stainless steel sinks with designs said to be darker and more daring.

You don’t have to go hog-wild on your interior to incorporate this trend. Since it is all about creating a balance of bold and sophistication, it can be accomplished through a few simple swaps. Try incorporating this trend by painting your lower cabinets or island a darker shade. Or, swap out your backsplash or floor for a darker color to create contrast.

In Home Decor: Dominate Decade Décor

The 1970’s are back, and they want to see your pad get groovy. And, no, we don’t mean shag carpeting and popcorn ceilings.  But, it does mean busting out wallpaper, groovy silhouettes and far-out flower patterns.

However, it is more about nodding to nostalgia through eye-catching, dominate décor. This includes new takes on old prints with funky colors and exaggerated proportions. Throw pillows with hard geometrics make for an easy layer of visual interest. Or, graphic wallpaper added to a ceiling creates a contemporary, chic aesthetic.

And, even sophisticated marble is being replaced by colorful terrazzo. Its durable material is ideal for countertops, backsplashes and floors. Pins for “terrazzo” floor design were up 316 percent when compared to 2017.

Out Home Decor: Mid-Century Modern

The mid-century modern trend is, ironically, outdated.

The retro cool, vintage trend surged in popularity thanks to Mad Men. And, considering this hit television series went off the air three years ago, it’s long overdue for the trend to follow suit.

Keep in mind this is about the overall craze of endless knockoffs that diluted the appeal of this 1960’s sleek design. Original architectural pieces from the homes, consisting of sharp angles, open floor plans, shallow-pitched roofs and loads of glass, hold significant, historical value.

Meaning, if you own any original pieces from the decade, don’t throw them away. Mid-Century Modern will always be appreciated. It can add texture and intrigue into a room when mixed with other styles such as art deco or contemporary.

In Home Decor: Rich Textiles

Decadence in the form of rich, soft fabrics is making its way into home décor.

This includes the rapid rise in velvet as the popular choice of home décor. In fact, searches for the fabric went up 220 percent on Pinterest. And, if done right, it can elevate your home’s atmosphere. Add a velvet sofa, chair or accent pillow and your room looks more expensive.  On the flip side, if overdone, this heavier fabric could serve as a nod to Elvis Presley’s Graceland Mansion.

Fringe trim is expected to make its way to the corners of your interior this year. And, it is no longer restricted to your blankets, pillows and rugs. The sky is the limit with this flirty touch. And, is expected to be sported on furniture, light fixtures, mirrors and more.

Out Home Decor: Cactus Couture

The spiky succulents had a moment this past year. However, design experts feel prickly about bringing cactus décor into 2018.

These prints grew like weeds in the corners of living rooms, artwork, wallpaper and pretty much any type of home-adorning accessory. This doesn’t mean keeping it out of the yard, especially for those who live in a desert environment such as Arizona.

And, some experts even go as far as to discourage all modern-boho “junaglow” aesthetics from the home interior. This means an abundance of hanging plants, wall-tacked air succulents and fiddle-leaf figs in nearly every corner. It doesn’t mean eliminating interior staples such as cut flowers and greenery.

In Home Decor: Wabi-Sabi

Wabi-sabi might sound like the name of a trendy sushi restaurant’s spiciest roll. And, although it is hot, this is the type of cultural experience you won’t want to extinguish immediately.

The Japanese art of wabi-sabi celebrates imperfection. In home design, this means handmade or hand-painted items on natural materials.

These can include rough linens and pottery to gain a personal, original aesthetic.

By finding beauty in simple, timeworn items, this style adds a layer of comfortable, organic home aesthetics. As in, these products, such as lava rocks and shells, are said to become more attractive as they are worn from time. Revealing new layers of color, texture and crackle due to the effects of weathering and oxidization.

The best part? This style encourages you to not make your bed (sorry grandma).

Out Home Decor: Farmhouse Style

Bad news for Chip and Joanna Gaines. The ship-lap friendly style popularized by the HGTV duo’s hit home improvement franchise, Fixer Upper, is quickly fizzling out.

The use of rustic, eco-friendly reclaimed wood has become overly-saturated, and design experts say they don’t typically fit the cohesive style of a suburban home. Meaning, the use of barn doors as architectural elements should be left in its traditional setting – the country.
The idea of exposed track lighting, such as Edison bulbs, are also on the outs. The vintage décor, although a pleasant nod to the past, often appears clunky and all over the place when in the wrong setting. This quickly becomes a dated trend when inappropriately placed, and creates a need for a cleaner, more authentic aesthetic.

In Home Decor: Your Personal Touch

While keeping up with trends is important to your home’s interior décor, there’s no need to stress about a complete redecorating overhaul. Our homes should feel timeless, and showcase our own personal style and comfort.

Whether you sneak in a brass mirror here, or a flowery throw there, your interior outfit should reflect your own personality. The trick to masterfully accomplishing your showcase is to gradually incorporate changes over a period of time. This can be easily accomplished by staying up to date with what is up-and-coming as well as on its way out.

Most importantly: don’t feel bad about being a bit behind about the latest, budding trend. If you have pieces that are not only beautiful but also meaningful to you, don’t be ashamed to keep them around.

And, if you have any additional tips to keeping up with the latest home decorating trends, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to leave any additional tips or tricks in the comment section below! 

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