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How to Determine if You’re Ready to Move

posted by D.R. Horton February 20, 2016 0 comments

There are several reasons behind why people decide to move. For example, a growing family, better school districts, and/or job relocation. Or even proximity to more entertainment and nightlife.

According to Trulia, here are a few reasons people move to a new home.

Return on Investment When Remodeling

Sure, you can make your existing house meet your needs by converting the garage space to an extra bedroom or renovating your kitchen. But will you necessarily see your return on that investment when the time does come to sell down the road? Consider the cost to implement the items on your priority list and then compare that to what you might be able to buy if you chose to purchase a new home that already has the items on your wish list.  You might be surprised to find you can afford to move after all!

You Need to Up Size or Downsize

There is the obvious need for additional space when your family is expanding, but what about things like quality school districts, neighborhood pools, amenity centers and even fenced in backyards that you had previously considered unimportant or weren’t even on your radar? Renovation and home improvement projects can make your home more suitable for your family’s needs but you can’t replicate location and convenience.

On the other side of the spectrum, when the kids move out or go off to college and you no longer need all of that space, nor do you want to maintain it, downsizing can make a lot of sense.

A Bad Commute

Did you recently accept a new job or have you been commuting long distances and it’s finally starting to wear on you? If you spend hours a week commuting, you might consider how living closer to work could improve your quality of life. It might mean you have to make a sacrifice, so weigh the pros and cons and see if relocating closer to work is worth it to you.  

Is moving to a new home something you’ve been thinking about lately? Here are some benefits of buying a new home over a pre-owned home and if you find yourself considering a new home, we’d love to help – contact us today!  

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