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How to Host A Better Block Party

posted by Marissa July 20, 2016 0 comments

Does your community have regular social events? Want an easy way to meet your new neighbors? Spice up the regular routine or start a new community tradition by inviting over the neighborhood and host an awesome summer block party! With a few simple, creative additions, you can turn your average grill-out into a full-fledged summer bash that will keep your neighbors talking for many summers to come. Check out our tips for hosting a better block party this summer!

Spread the Word Early

To have a successful block party it is important to get your invitations out early so everyone you invite can plan ahead and mark their calendars. Try creating an eye-catching invitation that you can hand-deliver to your guests. This makes your invitation personal and thoughtful – a wonderful way to encourage guests to attend your party! We made an awesome printable invitation to help get you started.

Printable Block Party Invite



Interested in going the paperless route? With the click of a button you can send beautifully designed invitations to your neighborhood email list with sites like Evite and Paperless Post. Whichever method you decide to use, be sure to highlight some of the featured activities and what’s on the menu so your guests know what to expect. As your RSVPs flow in, start preparing your creative ways to entertain guests and keep the party going. Keep reading for some great ideas that we think will make your block party stand out!

Block Party Games and Activities

Keeping your guests entertained is part of being a good party host. If there are multiple hosts for your block party, be sure to coordinate with them so you don’t repeat activities at two different homes. There are so many possibilities for outdoor games and activities – the hardest part is narrowing down the list! We have a few ideas to get you started.

1. Corn Hole

Corn hole is a classic outdoor team game that is fun for all ages and it makes for an easy DIY project! If you make your own or buy a corn hole set new, it is always a good idea to lay out rules for the game so everyone knows how to play. We have a free printable rule card ready for you to frame and set up in the yard!

Printable Corn Hole Rule Card


2. Giant Jenga

There are so many other great ideas for outdoor activities to get your guests mingling. Giant Jenga block games are trendy and make it easy to get creative! Paint each block a different color or have each guest sign and date a block.

3. Eating Contests

You can get creative with food too! Have eating contests or set up a cupcake decorating station. The possibilities are endless – visit Brit+Co for more DIY yard game ideas.

Setting the Scene

Now it’s time to make your block party look as good as it sounds! This is a great opportunity to vamp up the style and décor of your yard so it is ready for entertaining guests all year long.

First, decide how you want to utilize your space. Have a big front yard? Take advantage of it and set up a few of your activities on the lawn! This is a great way to attract other neighbors over to join the fun. Open up your gate to create an inviting atmosphere so your guests can go with the party’s flow!

Next, set up seating near the grill so everyone knows where the food is! Putting together two long tables offers a community feel so that everyone can be a part of the conversation. Partying into the evening? String up lights above seating areas to create a glowing summer night ambiance. For more DIY ideas on how to set up your yard, check out these tips from Apartment Therapy!

Last, it’s important to provide a few items to make your guests more comfortable. Be prepared for the summer heat and have plenty of H2O ready to keep everyone hydrated. It’s also a good idea to set out a few outdoor essentials like a first aid kit, sunscreen and insect repellent. Learn how you can make your own repellent from this helpful article.

We hope these tips will help plan your next event. Share your favorite summer block party activities and tips in a comment below!

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