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How To Move and Keep Your Sanity

posted by Marissa June 10, 2016 0 comments

Summer means pool parties, backyard barbecues and vacations. But for some families, it can mean moving. If a big move is in your forecast for this summer, read on for some great tips to efficiently pack, move and unpack your home.

1. Toss, Donate and De-clutter

Did you miss spring cleaning? Well now is your time to make up for it. The last thing you want to do during a move is waste precious moving box and truck space on unwanted items. Don’t make the move harder on yourself than it needs to be. Do a thorough once-over on your home. This includes all closets, kitchen items, attic space and don’t forget about the garage. Haven’t missed an item in a year? Chances are you won’t need it in the next house so consider donating it!

Helpful tip: Don’t want to tackle your entire home alone? Give each family member a minimum number of items for each person to part with.  

2. Skip the Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes can add up and really, do you use them a second time? Probably not. Services such as and Bungobox will deliver the number of moving bins you need and then pick them up from you when you’re all unpacked. Say goodbye to wasting money on cardboard that just gets tossed after your move.

Helpful tip: The only boxes you might consider purchasing are wardrobe boxes (or if you’re using movers, ask if they provide them). This way you can skip packing your closets and simply transfer your hanging clothes to the wardrobes and then back into the new closet, all without a wrinkle! Don’t have wardrobe boxes? Use trash bags to corral sections of clothing.

3. Pack Smart

  • Put together an overnight bag with your essentials.
  • Stash household essentials in a box: Tape, scissors, toilet paper, paper towels, soap, cleaning supplies, pens/markers and plastic baggies of various sizes to corral loose items like furniture hardware.
  • Pack by room & label: Properly label boxes with color-coded duct tape with both room and a summary of contents (e.g. “Living Room, Media Cabinet”). This way your movers will know where to unload each box and you can prioritize the order you unpack. Take it a step further and number your boxes “1 of 4,” “2 of 4” etc. so you will know quickly if a box is missing.
  • Skip the bubble wrap: Save the pricey bubble wrap for your nice crystal and china and utilize what you have for the rest! Wrap dishes and other breakable items in towels, blankets and even soft t-shirts.
  • Think about the order you load the truck: Movers will likely load the big stuff first, so you’re best bet is to locate the smaller boxes and odds and ends off to the side and out of their way so they can quickly load the larger items. For example, don’t stack your kitchen table with boxes, since they will likely just have to move those boxes to the ground to move the table out. Since many movers work in time increments, this is key to avoid being charged for excess time.
  • Create an unpacking guide: With color-coded labels, it should be clear where each box belongs. Create a quick cheat sheet for your movers or enlisted helpers that they can easily refer to in order to determine where each color belongs. (e.g. green-labeled boxes go in the kitchen, yellow-labeled boxes belong in the study, etc.) This will save you time from answering a million questions of where you want something and will allow you to actually help!

Helpful tip: Looking for more ideas? Check out these genius moving hack’s from BuzzFeed.

Planning a big move this summer? Share your go-to moving tips below, we’d love to hear!

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