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How to Properly Honor our Fallen Heroes

posted by Naya May 30, 2016 0 comments

Memorial Day weekend means so much more than a three-day weekend filled with picnics and barbecues.  It’s a time to reflect on and honor the memory of all of the people who have given their lives in service to the United States. Here are a few things we can do to keep the true meaning of Memorial Day alive.

1. Take part in the National Moment of Remembrance

The easiest way to honor our fallen heroes is by taking part in the National Moment of Remembrance.  So wherever you are at 3 p.m. this Memorial Day, please pause for one minute to reflect on the sacrifice that so many in uniform have made for us.

2. Say thank you to those who are still with us

Another way to honor those who lost their lives defending this great nation is by sending messages of gratitude to those who are still risking their lives every day to defend us.  There are many organizations that collect letters and emails to send to our military serving all over the world.   A Million Thanks and the United Service Organization (USO) are two great organizations that can help you send your messages of support and appreciation to our service members.

3. Donate your time and resources to an organization that supports the military

Spend some of your time volunteering at one of the many organizations that support service members.  If you aren’t able volunteer, consider making a donation.  Here’s a list of organizations that provide survivor support for families that have lost loved ones in active duty.

4. Visit a memorial or national cemetery

There are many places all over the country dedicated to our fallen heroes.  Consider visiting a memorial or national cemetery in your city.  The Department of Veteran Affairs is a great resource for finding memorials and cemetery sites near you.

5. Attend a Memorial Day event in your community

From parades to concerts, picnics and festivals, so many fun events are happening in observance of this day.  Join in as we all celebrate and reflect on the freedom we have due to the immense sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform.

What do you do to keep the spirit of Memorial Day alive?  Share with us below!

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