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Insider Tips to Selling Your Home

posted by Marissa March 24, 2016 0 comments
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If you’re selling your home this spring, you might already be familiar with tips on improving your curb appeal or what to look for in a real estate agent, but what about those well-kept secrets the pros have up their sleeves? Check out these unique ideas for selling your home this spring.

Remove or Conceal a Third of Belongings

Sound like a lot? Think of all the personal possessions you have in your home: family pictures, tchotchkes, collections or memorabilia.

These items remind potential buyers that you live there when your goal is to show buyers a home they could see themselves living in. Temporarily store personal items in boxes or storage bins in the attic or another convenient location where they will be out of sight.

Want to go the extra mile? Remove half of the contents of your closet.

Buyers might be turned off if they see your closet bursting at the seams, which will only remind them that their stuff might not all fit. Box up seasonal clothing you don’t need while you sell your home and neatly organize the rest.

Look at the bright side, by doing a bit of up front work, you’re already half-way packed.

Let there be Light

Natural light is one thing buyers frequently comment on when viewing a home, and while you might not think you can control the lighting due to your home’s orientation, there are some things you can do to improve the light in your home.

  • Trim trees and bushes, especially around windows to allow in more sunlight
  • Thoroughly wash the exterior and interior of your windows to remove built-up dust
  • Remove or open heavy drapes and raise blinds to let in more light
  • Replace dark lampshades with lighter ones and switch to higher wattage light bulbs
  • In rooms that receive little natural light, add table and floor lamps

For more about your lighting options, here’s a great article from Lifehacker.

Don’t Over-Improve

Kitchens are known to be a deal breaker for many buyers, but you don’t have to do a full gut job to get the look of an up-to-date kitchen.

Here are a few areas to tackle first:

  • Paint your kitchen a neutral color
  • Upgrade cabinet hardware

Buyers will often knock $10,000 off their offer to compensate for an outdated kitchen, but for far less than that you can also:

  • Replace outdated countertops
  • Paint or stain outdated kitchen cabinets
  • Update an appliance

Tip: select just one appliance to upgrade with a higher-end stainless steel version versus spreading your budget across a few lower-end appliances. Buyers will appreciate the higher-end version.

Have any tricks up your sleeve when you sell a home? Share with us in the comments below.

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