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Must Haves for Your Man Cave

posted by Travis April 18, 2016 0 comments

Is your macho man cave lacking something masculine and unique? With these ideas, all the guys will want to make your house the weekend hangout destination! So crack open your favorite beer and make your man cave awesome!

A Manly Man Cave Sign

Feel free to get creative with some entry signage to your manly room, or even add some neon lights. This is what everyone will see as they enter your domain. Your “Man Cave” sign should be something eye-catching, industrial, tough and masculine. Think natural woods and tough metal materials. If you want to go the extra mile, make it yourself and have a handmade sign that will make all of your friends jealous!

A Unique Light Fixture

This can be your opportunity to make some fancy DIY beer bottle pendant lights, like in this tutorial from OregonLive. Mix-n-match you and your best bud’s favorite drinks to add some extra lighting to the cave. Some industrial pipe lighting and a brick wall would also be a nice, unique manly touch!

A Throne Fit for a King

Every king needs a large comfy throne to relax and recline in. This is your room and your time, no need to share it with anyone. This needs to be fit for long naps and lounging around. It also needs to have the best view of the TV so that you can get front row seats when watching the big game! If you’re a kind king, you will also provide some quality seating for your subjects. Here are some ideas for large lounge couches from houzz.

With these additions to your man cave, you will create a domain that you will never want to leave! Comfy, manly, and a room just for you. Whether you make it a place to relax all on your own, or THE house for all your friends to hang out for any event, these ideas will help take your man cave to the next level!

Need more ideas? Check out our Pinterest Board for more man cave ideas!

What are your must-haves for a good man cave? Share with us below.

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