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Staying Safe in the Sun

posted by Erin May 14, 2016 0 comments

Summer is approaching fast and with it comes the joys of spending time outside. There is one major danger lurking and it’s one that you might not take too seriously but should – sun exposure. Take a minute to think about how you protect yourself from the sun on a daily basis, because chances are you might not be doing enough. Since May is skin cancer awareness month, we wanted to share some basic tips from the Skin Cancer Foundation to help you practice a complete sun protection regimen.

1. Cover up – clothing is your first step toward protection

In the hotter summer months, wearing more clothing is probably not on the top of your list when taking on outdoor activities. Know that this is actually the first line of defense when it comes to protecting yourself from harmful UV rays. Of course, the more skin you are able to cover the better, and different fabrics hold different weight when it comes to protecting yourself while outdoors. Check out this handy chart for more information on how different fabrics block UV rays.

2. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!

With so many options of UV protection to choose from and different types of sunscreen textures, how do you know what the right sunscreen method is for you? According to the NY Daily News, all sunscreen textures are created equal. The main difference is, of course, in the type of SPF you select. Check out the article for the recommended SPF for your skin tone. Be sure to apply sunscreen to your face daily, as your face receives the most UV exposure on your body. If you’re looking for some brands to try, check out these suggestions from Elle.

3. Don’t forget to protect your eyes!

It’s something you might not think about daily, but your eyes are exposed to UV dangers every day. It’s simple to shade your peepers – just wear sunglasses (many can block out 99 -100% of both UVA and UVB light!) and a hat with at least a three-inch brim. The hat gives an added shield to help cover and protect your eyelids. Remember, although your eyelids act to protect your eyes from the sun, the skin of the eyelid is relatively thin and needs protection as well.

Now get out and enjoy the sun responsibly! Where do you plan to escape to this summer?

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