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Small Room Remodeling Ideas to Increase Home Value

posted by Hannah June 26, 2018 0 comments
Small Room Solutions

Whether it serves as a child’s room, home office, a space for awkward furniture arrangements, or dumping ground for clutter — a small spare room is a tricky space to fill.

While there are several options for reinventing this type of space, most come with a lofty price tag. Adding square feet or removing walls is expensive.

So how exactly do you deal with a small spare room not quite big enough to consider a full-size?

The answers are simple and cost-friendly. If done correctly, these renovations can add value to the overall price of your home. We asked the professionals how to use small spaces to increase home value.

Small Room, Big Purpose

One of the biggest challenges with a small room is determining what exactly to call it. Instead of sitting around and pondering the room’s purpose, make it versatile. This is accomplished by placing everything you need into a small space without impacting how you move around the room. This is easily achievable by adding a few décor elements and features to small space.

For example, consider furnishing a room with a daybed. This not only creates an additional guest room but also can serve as a primary study space. By dressing the bed with a few cushions and pretty throws, it adds style to your overall home even when not used.

Or, add bunk beds to a small area to create an additional kid’s room. This works great for spaces with higher ceilings. It also creates the ability to serve a dual purpose of a nap room/game room for those with multiple children. Add swings to the rafters, or just a cool play space just for them.

Create Large Illusions

Small spaces can create the perception that a home is smaller than it seems. A classic trick, which is invaluable in a tiny room, is to play with reflections. Add mirrors to expand the space. This is especially beneficial to smaller rooms that are also well-used living spaces. This will make space expand beyond the actual room.

Direct a mirror toward the view beyond the window. This increases the effect by adding an airy feel. If your spare room already is blessed with an abundance of natural light, paint it white to eliminate the cooped-up feelings. Skip window treatments, if you can, to keep the small room feeling even more open.

On the other hand, a windowless or dark room will never look light. The addition of white paint in this situations risks appearing gray and dull. Instead, go the opposite direction and create a bold, moody or quirky look.

If the room has original features, consider embracing them. For example, a fireplace can often take up space, especially in a smaller room. By creating a visual interest toward the fireplace, it makes space feel substantial, versus a featureless, boxed-in space. Consider applying the mirror trick by adding a large mirror to the mantelpiece.

Use all Available Dimensions

Use the space in a spare room vertically as well as horizontally. For example, for spare bedrooms, keep the larger surface area of the bed near the top of the room so you have freer floor space. Accomplish this by pushing a bed into a corner of the room, or putting it on risers for underneath storage space.

Build in a few storage shelves to pack extra space into a tiny bedroom. Instead of protruding shelves, dig into a wall to create storage nooks. This also adds a level of architectural interest and creates a depth in rooms otherwise considered featureless.

Define each area of your small room and design around that. For example, place a round table in a corner for rooms that are square. It adds a nice fit and creates a flow. Most importantly, downsize all large furniture. Use appropriately sized pieces to ensure the rooms are not overcrowded.

Hang decorative hooks from the ceiling if there isn’t space for a wardrobe. Add a few pretty fabric hangers and it gives guests just enough extra space to hang one or two items.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let the small size of a room put you off. What it lacks in space, it can make up for in charm and atmosphere.

Learn to work with the awkward corners, windows, and strangely displayed features to create character. Often, this can even pack in more of a punch than a larger bedroom could ever manage.

Have you ever made a smart decision about the smallest room in your home? Share your tips, tricks and even photos in our comments section below. 

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