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The 7 Common Emotions of Home Buying

posted by Hannah November 13, 2018 0 comments

Home buying can come with more emotional weight than any other large investment we make during our lives. We typically fall in love with a home much more than we would a vehicle, stocks, bonds, and often, even an education.

With that said, the initial process of home buying brings emotions and personal experiences unique to each buyer. Here are the top 7 most common emotions you’re more than expected to encounter during your journey through homeownership.


This is the first emotion you’ll feel set in that propels you into your home buying journey. At some point, there will be an emotional trigger prompting you to think about buying a home. Maybe you are expecting your first child. Or, are a newlywed couple looking to settle down in their first place. At this point, you begin to start formulating an idea of the steps you need to take to get started.


Mortgage MythUnfortunately, just as curiosity grows, so does confusion. With so many resources and information at your fingertips, it’s hard to even know where to start. Do you buy new or existing? Sacrifice location for the price? Or maybe, if this is your very first home buying experience, where do you even go first? At D.R. Horton, we offer in-market specialists who office within our communities to offer you the best services possible. This means skipping the level of confusion and letting your curiosity lead the charge by letting the experts get you started with the best possible options for your current situation. Ask an expert to inform you of the home buying process, step-by-step, so you’ll know what to expect. They’ll know how to predict possible problems and solve them before they become an overwhelming headache.


Once you have gotten your feet wet (or dove in to) the process, with your own marketing specialists on-hand to offer you the best experience, you can start to see the situation much clearer. Bringing in a marketing specialist during the early stages, as well as a lender, can help determine your actual purchasing power. Even better, this could lead to optimism as you discover the world of opportunities that’ve been opened.


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Then the unfun part sets in. Reality. Now that you have you have so many options, it’s time to get focused on the right ones for you. Not only that, but the initial process of finding the right one can be difficult when trying to balance it along with your other commitments. In today’s fast-paced market, you will have to do a lot of schedules reorganizing to fit everything in. Mix that with a housing inventory that can be slim, especially in more heavily-populated areas, and it can feel like more of a rat race with slim pickings. This means adding a level of disappointment if the house you’ve set your sights on gets picked up first. Also, get ready to face rejection if you are one of many bidding on a house.



This period of emotion generally comes after being prompted by a stressful situation. Sometimes it is discouraging news, such as not getting the house you had your heart set on, to fuel the fire. All it takes is a bit of deterrence to make you double down and focus harder on your search. Whatever happens during this time, don’t forget to lean heavily on your specialists’ shoulders. They will help you refocus your search, and make you more strongly prepared than ever. Don’t be afraid to use this time to ask them as many questions as you have.


So, your determination has paid off. You received an offer, and now it’s time for an entirely different wave of emotion. You may be winding down from feeling completely overwhelmed. You’ve been hit with plenty of deadlines. Paperwork. And more paperwork. And, of course, the little thing called “securing a mortgage.” Even if you are overjoyed you may still have the lingering thoughts: Did you keep enough options open? Were there locations you missed? How much are you overpaying? The self-doubt can be exhausting. But try not to second guess yourself. Instead, enjoy being in the home stretch.


As the process comes to an end, the only thing you should being feeling is proud. Buying a home is a journey, no matter how much experience you have with the process. In general, homeownership can bring a lot of stress, work, and money. But like raising kids, in the end, you can sit back and appreciate the hard work and dedication you put into the process.

What emotions did you face during the various stages of the home buying process? Any tips and tricks to getting past the more difficult moments? We would love to hear from you! Leave your feedback in the comment section below.

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