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The Best Smart Home Gadgets of 2015

posted by D.R. Horton December 10, 2015 0 comments

Still scratching your head at what to gift your hard-to-buy-for sibling, parent or significant other? It seems that we all have that one person in our lives that when it comes to finding the perfect gift during the holidays, we are stumped.
We might be a bit biased at D.R. Horton, but what better gift than one for the home that everyone can enjoy? Better yet, how about a gift to make their home “smarter?” Put your home to work with some of these great gadgets that are sure to make life a little bit easier.

For the Plant Lovers

Your mom who loves to garden but suffers from a black thumb might benefit from the H20 Smart Pot. Simply attach a water bottle to the Bluetooth-enabled device and the planter conveniently distributes the correct amount of water based on its database of over 7,000 plants. Say goodbye to wondering if you over- or under-watered and hello to happy plants!

For the Pet Lovers

Your dog-obsessed sister who hates leaving Fido at home can now check in on her furry friend remotely with the Petcube. Equipped with video and two-way communication through its built-in microphone, the pet lovers in your life will love this gift. Have you always wondered what your pet was up to while you were gone? Now you’ll know. “Fido, get off the couch!”

For the Recent College Grad or First-Time Homebuyer

With adulthood comes the responsibility of managing important documents and paperwork: social security cards and passports, title documents and insurance policies. Not to mention the priceless family heirlooms and photos. This fireproof, Wi-Fi-enabled safe by First Alert makes it easier than ever to store valuables and important papers, while enabling the owner to assign multiple users and track activity via their phone.

For more smart home gadgets, check out this list from Popsugar.

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