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Tips for an Insect-Free Yard

posted by Marissa May 18, 2016 0 comments

The temperatures are rising. That usually means more yard time for you and your family. Barbecues, family gatherings, dinners al fresco, swimming and outdoor play time are just a few of the perks of having a back yard.

However, it’s hard to truly enjoy being outside if you’re covered in mosquito bites while lounging by the pool.

Insect-Free: Remove Standing Water

First, you want to be sure that you remove anything that is attracting the bugs to your yard, especially mosquitoes. Check areas of standing water, such as bird baths or kiddie pools. Empty regularly. Mosquitoes can lay eggs in as little as a bottle cap-size of standing water.

Insect-Free:Consult with Nature

Next, consider the natural ways you can deter and prevent insects from making your yard their permanent home. A great deterrent? Birds. Adding a bird feeder could be a simple way to attract more birds to your yard, and since many birds enjoy dining on an assortment of insects, you’re on your way to naturally controlling those unwanted pests.

Insect-Free:Make Your Landscaping Work for You

While it’s important to keep your yard trimmed and free of weeds and overgrowth, you can go a step further and make your landscaping work overtime. Consider planting bug repellent plants when you do your spring gardening, such as lavender, marigold, chrysanthemum and lemongrass, which can deter insects such as mosquitoes from posting up in your yard.

Insect-Free:Light Up Your Yard

Not only do candles add a bit of ambiance to your yard, citronella candles serve as an insect deterrent and can keep you itch-free all night long. This tutorial for homemade citronella candles from DIY Network is a simple project the whole family can enjoy doing together, especially since everyone can appreciate the final product!

Insect-Free:Treat Your Yard Before a Gathering

If you’re planning to host a shindig and worried you still haven’t made a dent in your bug problem, don’t let the insects rain on your parade. Plan ahead by treating your yard with an off-the-shelf spray from your hardware store the day before (or according to instructions), which attaches to your garden hose for easy application and can deter mosquitoes and other insects for up to eight weeks.

What other tips do you have for keeping your yard insect-free? We’d love to hear, share in the comments below.

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