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Tips for Boosting Your Curb Appeal

posted by Marissa March 17, 2016 0 comments

As they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression and the same can be said for houses. If the spring selling season has you preparing to list your home for sale, here are some helpful tips to boost your home’s curb appeal so it can stand out from the crowd.

Give your Front Door a Makeover

First of all, since your front porch and door is most likely the first area prospective buyers will be looking at, freshen up your door. Clean off any dirt and cobwebs and polishing the hardware. Even more, consider painting your front door a rich color that complements your exterior. Top it off with a seasonal wreath that expresses the home’s style for an extra touch.

Upgrade your Hardware

Have an old light fixture, house numbers, door handle or wall-mounted mailbox that have seen better days? If polishing them won’t cut it, consider upgrading the look with fresh hardware. As a result, it will show that the home is well maintained.

Symmetry is your Friend

Symmetry is very pleasing to the eye and can create balance and calm to your home’s appearance. Add a pair of plants on either side of the door or even a matching pair of lanterns to add both style and function to your front porch.

Show off your Landscaping

Lay a fresh layer of mulch and add pops of color to your landscaping with seasonal flowers and plants. Don’t have flower beds? You can add life to your front porch with planters of various shapes and sizes to add dimension to your space. Finally, don’t forget about hanging planters that can help draw the eye up and add interest.

Add Architectural Interest

Architectural details like shutters, window trim and door moldings can add depth and interest to your home’s façade. For a nice touch, consider installing window boxes filled with flowers for a pop of color.

Touch up Paint

Freshen your home’s appearance by giving your siding or trim a fresh coat of paint. Don’t forget about doors, decks and patios that might need to be re-stained or power washed.

Do you have any other tips to brighten your home’s facade? We’d love to hear, share with us in the comments below!

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