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Tips for Hosting Guests During the Summer Season

posted by Erin June 8, 2016 0 comments

If your spring cleaning didn’t pan out as expected, it’s time to get into panic mode because summer house guests are coming. Okay, that was just to scare you, but seriously – summer house guests are the perfect excuse to buy new sheet sets and redo the look of your guest room. Make a fun project out of it and your guests will be sure to notice the effort you took to make them feel comfortable in your home.

Create a Cozy Environment

Of course, the first step in comfort is making sure that you create a cozy environment for your guests to relax in. HouseBeautiful lists 16 bedroom ideas that incorporate different features to make your guests feel ready to lounge and sleep at ease. A couple of key points:

  1. Layer in a mixture of textures to incorporate a luxuriously cozy feeling. Think velvet, fur throws and mixed wood art pieces.
  2. Balance with colors; if your walls are dark colors then mix in light elements with your bedroom furniture or vice versa with light colors. Think of off-white and alabaster tones mixed with greys and dark browns for a dark palette balance.
  3. Curtains or window coverings are always a must. You want to create an element of privacy for your guests while adding style to your windows.

Keep Guests Happy

With your new guest room spruced up and as inviting as ever, it’s important to think of the little things that will make your guest happy. For instance, did you clean a small space in your guest room closet for them in case they have clothes they need to hang? Do you have guest towels available and are you sure you didn’t accidently use them to dry off Fido? Here are some basic things you can do that take little time but go a long way to make your visitors feel at home:

  1. Keep a set of extra clean sheets, blankets and pillows available for your guest and always make sure to put clean sheets on your guest bed. Nothing says comfort like clean, soft sheets.
  2. Make a toiletry basket full of items such as travel size hair products, toothpaste, deodorant or other items you think your guest might have forgotten or like to use. This is a great way to download some of the travel shampoos or other items your bathroom cabinet has been storing away from that Mexico trip in 2010.
  3. Set up some sort of entertainment in the room. For instance, if you don’t have a TV available, consider providing current magazines and books for your guest to indulge in while winding down from the day in their room. If you have Wi-Fi, be sure to supply your guest with the password beforehand so they don’t feel intrusive if they have to ask for it.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to having guests to your home, think of things that make you feel comfortable when you are traveling and try to provide the same for your guest. When in doubt, spend a night in the room before you host guests to ensure you haven’t forgotten something like an extra fan for those hot summer nights or a bedside lamp that makes nightly reading easier. RealSimple has a great check-list to follow to make sure that you have all of your bases covered when your visitors arrive. With your mind at ease and your guest room prepared for maximum guest pampering, it’s time to get excited because you’re about to have summer visitors!

What are some of the things that you do in your home to make your guests feel comfortable? Tell us below, we want to hear from you!

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