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Tips for Staying Ahead of the Holiday Clutter

posted by D.R. Horton December 26, 2015 0 comments

Does the day after Christmas have your home in a state of disarray with all the new gifts, toys, electronics, and of course the piles of used wrapping paper? D.R. Horton is here to help with some useful tips for taming the clutter in your home.

“Santa’s Rule”

Santa’s rule states that for each gift received, you donate two similar items. For example, if your child received a new book, they would pick out two that they no longer read and are ready to part with. Did the kids receive a pair of pajamas? Select two they have outgrown and set them aside to donate. The trick is to have everyone in the family participate right after Christmas so it’s fresh on everyone’s minds. Keeping the quantity of possessions in check is a surefire way to keep clutter under control.

The Cardboard Box Challenge

 Stack up all of the large cardboard shipping boxes received from gifts and challenge your family to fill them up with items to donate to Goodwill or a local charity of your family’s choosing. Think books, movies, linens, even old electronics like cell phones and household appliances you no longer need. Of course, don’t forget clothing, especially warm outerwear that is always useful during the winter months. This is a great way to ensure holiday gifts don’t add more clutter to your home while taking care of those pesky boxes that end up clogging up your recycle bin.

Properly Pack and Store Holiday Décor

Give extra care to properly store your holiday décor by throwing out tired storage boxes that are falling apart and replacing them with sturdy plastic bins.  Store strands of lights in individual storage bags and be sure to label boxes and bins accurately so decorating next year is a breeze. Have a strand of lights that don’t work? Throw them out now, don’t store them – you’ll thank yourself next year. This is also the time to throw out or donate decorations you no longer use or need that have been piling up in the attic or storage closets. For more storage ideas, check out this list of 12 Smart Ways to Store Holiday Decorations from This Old House.

Tell us, how does your family keep your post-holiday homes clutter-free?

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