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Tips and Treats for Halloween

posted by D.R. Horton October 10, 2015 0 comments

Talk about the skeletons in your closet and ghosts in the attic! It’s time for some scary good news. We know the monstrous process of purchasing a home can be quite haunting. But don’t let those ghosts scare you. We’re here to help!

At D.R. Horton, we can help with the process of home buying and also, make the Halloween decor the only thing scary about it. As we enter the holiday season – maybe you’re looking for tips on decorating, fun party ideas, or treats and fun food ideas? Well in our search, we found food items too pretty to eat and whimsical holiday décor that appeals to children and adults alike.

But for those of us who are not ‘professionally holiday craftsy‘ per say, here are a few tips and tricks that will turn your home into a festive Halloween experience, that we hope, won’t land you the Pinterest fail list.

Activities That Are BOO-ming

  • Kids Halloween Pumpkin Bowling Game: A simple way to incorporate the holiday in your home, have a fun activity for the kids, and use materials you already have around the house. Stuffed candy in the tubes creates a surprise treat for knocking them over too.
  • Halloween Bathroom Idea: Use pool dye that won’t stain to decorate your bathroom. This is a great novelty for guests in the room they all must attend, that is quite unexpected.

Tips for Tricks of Treats

  • Serving Idea – Pumpkin Serving Bowl: Whether you use pumpkins as serving bowls or as display bowls, this is such an easy, creative way to serve your guests or store beverages at your Halloween party.
  • Non-Candy Halloween Treats: What we like about this collection is that not every Halloween treat has to be made of sugary goodness. Avoid the sugar coma you have experienced in past years, but keep the fun.
  • Halloween Drink Recipies: Don’t forget about the drinks! A well-thought-out party drink is a real icebreaker for your guests when they arrive.

In Summary

These ideas for mummy are brought to you by D.R. Horton. Halloween is scary, but don’t be frightened to share this with your fellow ghouls!

The best way to celebrate any home is with gifts! The best gift to give is the gift of a home – find out more here about our upcoming National Red Tag Event and make sure you don’t miss finding your home with D.R. Horton.

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