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What to Do if the Power Goes Out

posted by D.R. Horton January 16, 2016 0 comments

Hopefully winter weather doesn’t cause you to lose power. But should you find yourself in the dark, here are a few helpful tips from the Consumer Energy Center.

Prepare Your Home

Before there’s even a power outage, prepare your home for a possible power loss. Have an emergency supply of bottled water, non-perishable foods and a battery-operated radio so that you can check the news for outage updates.

Call the Utility Company

If there are power lines down near your home, call your utility company to report the outage and remember to not go near downed power lines. If a downed power line has caused an emergency situation like a fire, call 9-1-1.

Put on Layers

Dress yourself warmly in layers and remember that most of your body heat escapes through your hands and head, so wearing gloves and a hat will help you stay warm.

Avoid Opening the Refrigerator/Freezer

Your food will stay cold much longer if you do not open refrigerator and freezer doors and let warm air in.

Unplug Large Appliances

When the power is restored, avoid a surge to sensitive electronics by unplugging things like computers, televisions and stereo equipment. Remember to keep a light on so you will know when the power comes back on.

Keep Warm with Your Fireplace

While you can stay warm with your wood-burning fireplace, do not use kerosene heaters, barbecues, or any other outdoor heaters inside as they can give off gases that are unsafe.

Use Generators as Instructed

If you purchase a generator, be sure it is properly installed and used as instructed.

Check on Elderly Neighbors

If a neighbor requires machinery that operates on electricity, be sure to report the outage to the utility company advising them of the situation.

Drive Safely

Should you need to leave your home, remember that outages might impact traffic lights. Treat intersections as four-way stops and drive cautiously.

At D.R. Horton we care about your family’s safety and hope you’ll continue checking out our blog for more tips and tricks for a happy, healthy year!   

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